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Welcome to Brightly & Free Photography. We're Angela and Courtney- two friends with wild hearts and a thirst for adventure. We're based out of Portsmouth, NH but our wandering nature always has us on the road, traveling & exploring!

We strive to convey the honesty of each experience we photograph, capturing memories with intention and heart. Our photos are a collaboration with you- you're inviting us into your lives and we want to get to know you because you're more than just clients to us.  Our approach is documentary style so there will be no super specific Pinterest posing or airbrushing. We are there, though, to guide you into natural poses and also shoot those magical moments that occur in-between. We want to create photos that make you feel something. We're storytellers at heart & authenticity is our purpose.

"Stories show us how to bear the unbearable, approach the unapproachable, conceive the inconceivable. Stories provide meaning, texture, layers and layers of truth." - Melanie Tem